Since 1962, E&M has provided skilled bindery services for all types of printers. We pride ourselves on hands-on project management, and we maintain strict control over every step in the bindery process—from the point we first receive each job to the moment it leaves our hands. Over the 50 years, we have purchased a broad range of sophisticated equipment that enables us to meet the changing needs of our customers. Our capabilities have grown to include a growing assortment of equipment and value-added services in most all areas of cutting, folding and stitching.


Our Nine lines of folders can meet virtually any customer need, from the folding of small inserts(PI’s) to large-format press sheets up to 32” wide. We also offer a range of specialized folding options, including:

  • Gate folds
  • Fugitive & Permanent Spot gluing in-line
  • Ink-jetting in-line
  • Knife folding
  • Pre-slitting perforating
  • Split guide for 2up work
  • Notch-bound signature folding
  • Roll or accordion folding of up to 12 folds in a single parallel section

Over the years we have regularly upgraded our stitching capabilities ensuring they keep pace with both the volume and the variety of projects in today’s marketplace.

We have three stitching lines one being a Muller Primaria 7-pocket plus 4 cover feeder which can run 13,000 per hour. 

We have a combined stitching output of 500,000 one-up format stitching, or 1,000,000 two-up format stitching.   Our stitching equipment also features several state-of-the-art capabilities, including:

  • Fourth and fifth trimming on all equipment
  • Small-size capabilities beginning at 2 5/8 x 3 inches
  • One-up binding to a maximum size of 12 3/8 x 18 5/8 inches
  • In-line calendar punch
  • In-line three-hole punch
  • Ink-jetting in-line
  • In line slitting of 3 to 5 up.
  • Hard folding in-line
  • Wafer sealing in-line to meet postal specifications