Perfect for Inserts & Direct Mail Applications.

Attaching can be an ideal solution for products that will include inserts. Direct mail applications, POP displays, trade show directories, product inserts, and information packaging are just a few products that can be enhanced by attaching.

At E & M Bindery & Finishing, we offer high-speed in-line production for attaching and tipping. We can perform both services inline with many other processes, including folding, perfing, and gluing.

  • Credit cards
  • Magnets
  • CD/DVD or other electronic media
  • BRCs
  • Coupon booklets
  • Business cards
  • Sporting schedules
  • Envelopes
  • And more!

Applications for Tipping include:

  • Two-page forms tipped onto larger signatures
  • Heavy stock inserts prior to book binding


An Essential Service.

Loose-leaf products, ring binder inserts, stand-alone equipment tags and other such products benefit from the ease of use that the drilling process provides.


Highly Protective. Long-Lasting.

Proper protection will help your finished products arrive at their final destinations in excellent condition. Shrink wrapping can protect single items or product sets. At E & M Bindery & Finishing, our shrink wrapping capabilities include:

  • Four High Speed shrink wrapping lines
  • Operating speeds of up to 4,000 packages per hour


Attractive. Design Options.

Versatile and eye-catching, pocket folders can be designed to hold a variety of materials, such as CD/DVD-ROM discs and booklets. Even specialty items such as capacity folders with Customization options include multiple panels, die cut windows and pockets & more. Let E & M be your pocket folders solution.


Efficient Manual Production. Outstanding Quality.

Some projects require manual production in order to turn out properly. From a single operation such as a flap tuck, to complete kitting and assembly, our team of experience handwork experts can deliver outstanding quality at swift production speeds.


Stylish & Distinct.

Round cornering  & High Die gives booklets and other products a distinctive touch. As the name suggests, round cornering is the process of removing a semi-circle cut from the unbound corners of books, Co-Pay Cards, direct mail pieces, display cards and other products. At E & M Bindery and Finishing, we can perform round cornering with a standard radius of 1/8",1/4", 3/8", 1/2", and 5/8".


Compelling. Value Adding.

During the padding process, a controlled bead of hot-melt adhesive is applied to the edge of pads. The result is a compelling finished product. Contact E & M Bindery & Finishing today to learn more about our padding capabilities.

Padding applications include:

  • POP coupons
  • Branded memo pads
  • Tear-off calendars
  • School supplies
  • Notebook pads
  • Padded maps
  • And more!