November 2012

Choose Film Laminating for Good-looking, Long-lasting Products

E & M Bindery - laminating

Top-quality film lamination improves your printed products. As the most durable coating, lamination is ideal for products that must endure heavy usage. Laminating can also add visual appeal by improving readability and making colors jump off the page.

Here's an overview of the laminating options you can choose from at E & M Bindery & Finishing.

Single-sided laminating is typically used for products that require surface protection without extra rigidity such as book covers, pocket folders, product packaging and mounted displays.

Two-sided Flush-cut
This style is typically used for products that require durability and rigidity, such as POP displays, posters, and flip-chart book covers.

E & M Bindery - laminating

We've Upgraded our
Film Laminating Capabilities

As part of our continued investment in providing customers with an under-one-roof binding and finishing solution, E & M recently purchased a new film laminating machine.

So Many Laminate Choices!
Laminate films available at E & M include:

Ask E & M for film laminate suggestions and planning advice that best fits your project's needs.

The E & M Laminating Advantage
At E & M, our film laminating capabilities can add value to your printed products. We can perform single- and double-sided laminating on a wide variety of applications. We offer matte and gloss finishes in a variety of thicknesses, from 1.2 to 2 mil. We can laminate sheets from 12" x 12" to 30" x 40", and stocks from 80lb coated text to 18pt cover. For estimates, please fax (973-777-7991) or email us @

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