August 2012

Inline Folding Options to Help Improve Your Next Project

E & M Bindery - High-Speed Folding/Gluing
This booklet produced by E & M incorporates several inline
processes, including folding, stitching, gluing, and scoring.

Your customers are looking for faster, more efficient production of direct mailers, booklets, and other projects. Enter inline folding. By incorporating other postpress processes inline with folding, your bindery partner can create a time- and cost-saving workflow that benefits you and your customers alike.

Here are three value-added inline folding processes, and how to put them to use in your next project.

Your bindery can apply fugitive and seam gluing inline with folding, efficiently producing a variety of projects, from pocket folders to POP displays. Gate and other folding styles give you many layout and design options.

Planning Tip - For most gluing applications, it's necessary to knock inks and coatings out of the gluing area. If this can't be done for your project, we may be able to find a glue that adheres properly to inks and coatings.

Scoring and Perfing
Combine scoring and/or perfing inline with folding to create an efficient workflow. Folding equipment can score inline at high production speeds, leading to faster project turnarounds. Rotary scoring - which produces a better score than folder scoring - can also be performed inline with slitting, gluing, and folding. Rotary scoring also allows for right-angle and start-stop perfing.

Planning Tip - To prevent cracking, projects with brittle inks or coatings usually require a high-quality score before folding. Rotary scoring is often the best solution – it's as effective as die scoring, but with much higher production speeds and lower costs. E & M can help you decide if rotary scoring makes sense for your project.

Many direct mail applications call for high-speed, inline label application. Our Label-Aire capabilities allow us to apply labels inline with folding for efficient production. Label application at E & M is fast. It's also precise: application tolerances of 1/16."

The E & M Advantage
At E & M Bindery & Finishing, we offer folding along with gluing, scoring, perfing, slitting, Label-Aire, Kleenstik, product inserts, and other inline value-added processes. Our suite of inline capabilities combine to offer you a versatile, efficient solution for your largest runs. Call us today @ 1-800-7EM-BIND to discover our inline folding solutions. For estimates, please fax (973-777-7991) or email us @

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