July 2012

Choosing a Mechanical Binding Cover Style? E & M Can Help

                   A fully-concealed Wire-O-bound book

A few months ago, we walked you through choosing a mechanical binding style to suit your project. Today we'll talk about another key part of the mechanical binding planning process: deciding which type of cover to use.

At E & M Bindery & Finishing, we offer many mechanical binding cover options, each with their own set of benefits. Let's go over a few of them.

Two Piece
The Basics: Also known as a "split-back" cover, this is the standard mechanical binding cover style. Separate front and back covers are bound along with text sheets.

Advantages: Two piece is an economic choice for all mechanical binding styles. This style allows Wire-O books to be folded cover-to-cover for single-hand use.

The Basics: This style features a wraparound cover - made of a single piece of stock - that's scored and folded before binding. Binding elements are partially visible through either the front or back cover.

Advantages: Unlike split back, this style allows you to print on the spine. And unlike fully-concealed, this style doesn't completely cover the binding elements, and doesn't feature extra material that wraps around the book 's spine. For these reasons, semi-concealed uses less paper than fully-concealed, and is therefore less expensive.

The Basics: Similar to semi-concealed, but the cover wraps around the book to completely hide the binding elements. Like semi-concealed, the cover is one piece.

Advantages: Fully-concealed covers help you create a memorable book – imagine the end user's surprise when they open what they thought was a perfect-bound book to find it was Wire-O or spiral bound instead! Like semi-concealed, this style allows you to print on the book's spine. If you leave the inside back cover unglued, you can use that space as a reference section, or to include advertising.

More Cover Options
Pocket covers – These covers allow you to insert additional materials that complement your books, such as pamphlets and digital media disks.

Die cut covers – Whether it contains a window that registers to an image on the next panel, or a pocket with a distinctive shape, a die-cut cover draws attention.

The E & M Advantage
At E & M Bindery & Finishing, we offer all the cover options above for your Wire-O®, plastic coil, spiral wire, and plastic comb books. Our eight mechanical binding machines, 4,000/books-per-hour production speeds, and wide variety of wire colors and add-on options make us among the finest mechanical binding resources on the East Coast. Call us today @ 1-800-7EM-BIND to discover our mechanical binding solutions. For estimates, please fax (973-777-7991) or email us @ estimating@embindery.com.

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