April 2012

Three Quick Tips to Help Your Next Foil Stamping Project Succeed

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Foil stamping adds elegance to this annual report.

Foil stamping, embossing and debossing help your products stand out. Each finishing solution has distinct advantages. Foil stamping commands attention with its elegant shine, while embossing and debossing raise and indent the paper, respectively, to add visually and tactilely irresistible touches. All three will draw consumer eyeballs to your stationery, product packaging, pocket folder, brochure, or other printed piece.

Foil stamping and embossing/debossing are specialties at E & M Bindery & Finishing. Here are some planning tips to help your next project go smoothly.

Prepare Artwork Appropriately
Artwork must be specially prepared to account for the dimensional considerations of the embossing process. For example, type size and spacing should be increased, while line art should have a thicker stroke than if it were prepared for offset printing. If unsure whether your artwork will work with embossing, just ask your finisher.

Watch Your Stocks
Communicate with your finishing partner early on to ensure your customer's foil selections (e.g. metallic, pigment, pastel) will work with the chosen stock. The weight and finish of your paper stock can affect the appearance of your finished product. For example, a thick textured stock will often obscure some of the detail from a sculptured embossing die, while a thinner stock may split where the die hits the paper, especially when multi-level embossing is involved. Be sure to choose a stock that best exhibits your intended look. Also, verify with your finisher that foil coverage areas aren't too large.

Be A Consultant to Your Customer
Minor adjustments in product design can lead to great savings. For instance, reducing a two-pass job to one-pass may be easier than you think. Customers appreciate time- and money-saving alternatives and ff you bring them fresh options, your value to their organization will increase. A knowledgable finishing partner can help you come up with ideas like these.

The E & M Advantage
At E & M Bindery & Finishing, our efficient foil stamping and embossing solutions can help you win more business. Thanks to our recent partnership with Finish On Demand, we now offer these services at both our Clifton and Lancaster facilities. Contact E & M today to learn more about our foil stamping & embossing/debossing solutions. For estimates, please fax (973-777-7991) or email us @ estimating@embindery.com.

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