January 2012

Attaching Can Enhance Your Direct Mail Project

Marketers are constantly looking for ways to improve response rates for their direct mail campaigns. Attaching business reply cards or other items to their mailers can help them accomplish this.

E & M Bindery - attaching

Attaching involves affixing an item to a backing substrate using either fugitive (removable) adhesive, seam (permanent) adhesive, or even a Label-Aire. Let's learn more about how this solution can help your next direct mail campaign succeed.

The beauty of attaching is that almost any item (within reason) can be attached to a direct mail piece. Items that can be attached include:

Planning Tips
Pay Attention to Placement Tolerances – When designing your carrier, leave a small margin between your copy and the placement target. Although attaching placement is very accurate, it is a high-speed process that involves some variation. Most applications have a placement tolerance of 1/8" to 3/16," so leave at least 3/16" clearance around your target placement area to be sure adjacent copy isn't obscured.

Know your Envelope Placement Options - For applications that will include attached envelopes, determine how you would like the envelope to be placed. Typically, envelopes are placed address-side up, which allows the recipient to see where their response will be sent. Envelopes also can also be attached flap-side up. Regardless of which side you choose to show, keep in mind that the folded edge of the envelope must be placed at the lead edge of the sheet to prevent the piece from catching on folding and other equipment.

Be Aware of Glue - Don't forget to account for the hot-melt adhesive used to attach your items to the carriers. Items that will be marred or difficult to detach, such as CD or DVD discs, must be wrapped. For most attaching applications, inks and coatings should be removed from the target placement area on carriers so the glue will adhere. If this cannot be done on your project, we may be able to find a glue that can still offer proper adhesion.

The E & M Attaching Advantage
At E & M Bindery & Finishing, our attaching capabilities can help you create a direct mail project that gets great responses. We can perform attaching in line with our gluing, folding, and perfing and Label-Aire capabilities. For efficient production of direct mail, booklet, and other projects, give us a call today. For quotes, please fax (973-777-7991) or email us @ estimating@embindery.com.

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