December 2011

Project Spotlight: Finishing Strong for Our Customers

The Challenge
Our customer, New Jersey-based commercial printer Globe Lithographing, asked us to help them produce a PUR-perfect-bound book whose face featured a complex series of die-cut tabs. Finishing this project involved die cutting, straight cutting, folding, and finally PUR-perfect-binding, on two separate forms text & cover.

"During this project, E & M became virtually an extension of Globe Litho's in-house bindery. They helped develop a game plan for this challenging project and worked closely with my facility to ensure each stage went according to plan. Excellent communication and teamwork between their facility and ours led to a successful project and a happy client."

- Craig Wenrich, Senior VP and Partner
  Globe Lithographing

Turnaround time would make or break this project's success. The end client, a prominent international brand, faced a critical mailing deadline. Aware of the project's urgency, Globe Litho and E & M mapped out a production schedule that would result in the 350K-piece project being printed, finished, and shipped within ten days. The closest competing bid was 21 days.

The end client chose Globe Litho and E &M because we committed to an aggressive but realistic production timeline. Sticking to it required excellent printer-finisher coordination every step of the way.

The Process
Thorough, timely, and intelligent communication between E & M and Globe Litho at every stage drove this project's success. After Globe Litho selected E & M as their finishing partner, teams from both companies met to review the project details and determine a production plan.

E & M Bindery - PUR Book

For the next ten days, our die cutting and cutting equipment had to run at a near-constant rate. This was virtually the only way we could meet the end client's deadline. Globe Litho tailored their production schedule to ours, ensuring that our facility was kept constantly supplied with printed material. Our machines remained busy and production remained on-schedule. Such coordination would not have been possible without good communication on not only a daily but an hourly basis.

Throughout production, E & M and Globe held multiple daily conference calls, during which our companies provided each other with production updates and requested any additional information or resources needed to get the job done. The clear communication flow created between Globe and E & M also made it easy to identify valuable cost- and time-saving opportunities as they arose throughout production. 

The Results
An airtight turnaround schedule. Complicated production processes. Superior and consistent quality demands. A high-profile brand. These are some of the potential issues this project presented. But proper planning, communication, and coordination by printer and finisher resulted in a finished project that arrived at the end client on-time and on-budget. When printers and binderies collaborate with each other from planning through production through shipping, the end result is usually success for all involved.

The E & M Adhesive Binding Advantage
At E & M Bindery & Finishing, we offer PUR perfect, layflat adhesive, euro binding and notch binding styles to help meet your specific project's needs. Our two high-speed, twenty-pocket perfect binders can handle production quantities from hundreds into the millions. Give us a call today to learn more about our adhesive binding capabilities. For quotes, please fax (973-777-9300) or email us your job requirements.

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