November 2011

PUR Adhesive: Your Perfect-Bound Book's Personal Trainer

Many Americans pay hard-earned money for personal trainers. These people highly value someone who can whip them into superb shape.

E & M Bindery - PUR Glue Binding

Perfect-bound books also often require extra support to achieve the strength and flexibility they need. Fortunately, at
E & M Bindery and Finishing, we offer PUR (polyurethane reactive) adhesive, the best perfect-bound book trainer around.

Read on to learn how PUR adhesive can help keep your perfect-bound books in shape.

Why PUR?
After your books "work out" with PUR adhesive, they will exhibit the following traits:

Which Types of Books Should Train with, Use PUR?
If your perfect-bound book falls into any of the following categories, PUR may be just the strength coach it needs.

Planning Tips
Like most popular athletic trainers, PUR has kind of a tricky schedule, and it's your job to plan around it. But don't worry - the planning process for PUR perfect-bound books differs from EVA's in only two important ways. Keep the following tips in mind to ensure your next PUR project goes smoothly.

Curing time - Unlike standard EVA adhesives, PUR glues are cured by the air's moisture. That means they cure faster on humid days! It also means most PUR-bound books require at least 24 hours to fully cure.

Testing - Do not perform page pull testing during the binding process. As mentioned above, the PUR adhesive will still be curing at that point, and the test will not be accurate. Instead, we suggest performing strength tests on PUR books over several hours after the books have been bound.

Not sure whether the PUR has cured? Bend back the book at the center spread. If visible glue strings exist in the spine along the entire binding edge, the glue has cured.

The E & M Adhesive Binding Advantage
At E & M Bindery & Finishing, we offer PUR perfect, layflat adhesive, and notch perfect binding styles to help meet your specific project's needs. Our two high-speed, twenty-pocket perfect binders can handle production quantities from hundreds into the millions. Give us a call today to learn more about our adhesive binding capabilities. For quotes, please fax (973-777-9300) or email us your job requirements.

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